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About Us

Those who intend to become Consolata Missionaries undergo a continuous and gradual process suitable for the various stages of formation and the degree of maturity of the individual. The fundamental dimensions of all stages of formation are: human maturity, intense spirituality, intellectual training, and formation in pastoral ministry and internationality.

At the end of the theological and religious studies or specialization for brothers, we send students for pastoral Year before Final vows and ordination to Deaconate.

We are a Religious International Congregation of Brothers, Fathers and Sisters who are consecrated for mission AD Gentes, to see to it that all have a chance to hear the word and encounter Jesus Christ. Named after Our Lady Consolata, we share in her motherly mission of witnessing Jesus, the Consolatation of God in the world, the Eucharist is the dynamic center of our work of evangelization and our live

Where we work

We are in over 26 countries in the world as stated bellow

  • AFRICA ː Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Mozambique, South Africa, Ivory Coast, DRCongo,Angola and Madagascar
  • AMERICA ː Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Mexico, United States and Canada.
  • EUROPE ː Spain, Portugal, Great Britain, Italy and Poland
  • ASIA ː South Korea, Mongolia and Taiwan